Islandic NGO IMMI wants to create a “Safe Haven” for freedom of expression

The International Modern Media Institute (IMMI), where Mrs. Birgitta Jonsdottir (a member of Islandic Parliament and a leader of an Islandic Pirate Party) is playing the leading role, is working to create a Safe Haven for freedom of expression, freedom of information, the right to privacy, the protection of whistleblowers and freedom of the media. We need to protect those rights online and offline, everytime, everywhere.

Leaks like the #panamapapers currently require massive teams to protect the research of the journalists working on the story, and even then there’s no guarantee of safety. Imagine a space where journalists can investigate worldwide crimes, free from the pressures of corrupt organizations. Imagine how much more corruption could be exposed if we provided a safer place for this work to take place – it could be the difference between the next big leak reaching the public or it being shunted by the rich and powerful.

This ‘Media Safe Haven’ in Iceland will serve as a quality standard for worldwide reform and legislation for data protection, privacy, freedom of information and freedom of expression.

You can be part of making it happen – be a part of the movement!

More on a project and funding can be found here.

The founder of Info House Nataša Pirc Musar, PhD, is a member of the Advisory Board of IMMI.